Video to DVD Transfer

We can transfer your old VHS, Camcorder tapes, Mini DV tapes and cine films to DVD.

Each job is dependent on the total length of footage, here is a rundown of costings:

VHS and all camcorder tapes to DVD:

up to 15 mins £15

up to 1hr £20

up to 2hrs £30

up to 3hrs £40

Additional copies of the DVD are then £15.00 each

Cine films to DVD (a little more complicated!)

50ft reels 1st is £25, then £10.00 each

200ft reels 1st is £30 then £20 each

400ft reels 1st is £35 the £30 each

Add up the cost of all the reels then add £35 to the total

MP4 – Media Files from Digital Camcorders and Phones to DVD

When recording video footage on your phone it is in a format that can only be played on a computer and not a DVD player. We can convert these files (MP4) into a format that can then be played on a DVD player.

up to 1hr £15, 2hrs £35, 4hrs £35.