Digital & FAQ’s

We currently print from all types of camera memory card, CD, DVD and USB flashdrive.  You are able to select your own images using our in store Digital Kiosk.  This device is linked to the main print processor, and each photograph is independently assessed for quality before it is printed. Walk away with your prints straight away using our Kodak Instant Kiosks.

“What mode should I use for my pictures?”

To achieve the best print results from your digital camera, it should be set to the highest megapixel and finest resolution – refer to your instruction manual if you are unsure how to do this. Bear in mind, however, that the finer the quality setting, the more room each photo requires on your memory card.  Most compact cameras will be configured to save files as .jpg which is the generic picture file type. We are more than happy to assist you if you need help setting up your camera.

“What make of camera should I buy?”

The brand or type of camera you own is insignificant – our recommendation is to use the brand you feel most comfortable with. If you have purchased a brand new digital camera, always practice with it before you go to avoid disappointment when it really matters.  Read and follow the instructions until you are quite familiar with them. If your camera takes standard battery cells, we would suggest getting a set of rechargeable batteries and a battery re-charger – it is a little known fact that even the most powerful alkaline batteries last just a few hours in a digital camera.

“What type of memory card should I use and how do I store my photos?”

Memory cards often start at 2GB in size. The amount of photos/videos you can take depends on the megapixel setting on your camera but generally a 2GB card will allow you to take ‘hundreds’. Videos take up more space than still photos.

We always recommend you back up your images regularly in batches of up to 500. Eg, after a holiday or Christmas. This prevents loss of data on your memory card. You could use CD’s, USB drives or external hard drives to then store them permanently. Then you can delete the pictures off your memory card and start again! Formatting your memory card deletes the pictures and also gives it a ‘clean’. Simply hitting delete does not. So always format your cards to minimise the risk of any data corruption.

*If you would like extra computer help including one to one detailed advice on how to go about filing and storing your pictures we charge only £5 for half an hour consultation. You could even bring in your laptop*

“Can you print my images as posters or onto canvas?”

We are able to offer poster-size prints from A3 size right up to A1 – these are also done in-store. We can produce canvas’s from 8″x12″ / A4 up to 20″x 30″.