About Us

Based in the rural town of Stamford in Lincolnshire, Stamford Photo Express has been established for 17 years: a true testament to the extremely high quality work offered by us (Andy Stretton and staff).

As the only independent outlet in Stamford, we pride ourselves on the range and quality of the photo work we produce and the high level of customer service we offer.  These are unrivalled by our local competitors.


Our customers are generally local to Stamford and the surrounding area, although we have visitors from all over the UK (and sometimes overseas) who have been recommended to use our services by local residents.  We welcome both users of digital media and traditional film.


We are especially attractive to customers who require a high standard of work and customer service, since we are confident that no other photographic outlet in Stamford can match us in these areas.  We have more than fifty years combined experience in an industry that has sadly become totally deskilled in the High Street outlets and this deskilling is evident in the reduced number of services available to the customer.

Quality and Service

We offer the personal touch to our customer service and because every single image is independently checked, the quality of work produced is extremely high; you will be amazed at just how good your photographs are when printed correctly.  We do not simply push a button and apply the same setting to every photograph.  We treat your pictures exactly as if they were our own.